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  • Only a Few Days To Go…

    The bikes and kit have been dropped off with Tim to be taken out to France while we take the Eurostar. That means having committed to which bike to take – not as easy a decision as would ideally have been the case, because the weather forecast is changeable and not exactly great.

    Not long now. No more training rides, no more planning. Just some sleep and some apprehension.

    Paris, here we come.


  • The Penzance Dry Run

    Back in May we did a dry run, catching the sleeper train to Penzance and then riding home, 420km away. Find out just how that went...


  • Le Jour de France 2012

    Le Jour de France is back for a second year, taking place on Friday 20 July. We pick things up near where we left off in Paris, and head west to Brittany, arriving in Brest some 560km later.

    This year, we’re raising money for Sport Relief. Please give what you can to help fund the fantastic projects that they support.

    That’s all for now – we’ll keep you posted as we near the event.