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The Event


Event description

On Friday 20 July we ride 560km from Paris to Brest in aid of Sport Relief.

The Reasons

Le Jour de France started in 2011 as a way to pay some dues and remember Tim. There are two things we promise in return for your donations: we'll ride our nuts off to earn it, and we'll pay our way fully.

This year we're raising money for Sport Relief (which, of course, is Comic Relief by another name, but you'd probably rather see us riding bikes than telling jokes for 30-odd hours). They support myriad projects that address social inequality and poverty in the UK and abroad - take a look at where your money will go.

The Route

This year's route picks up roughly where last year's left off: Paris. (Or thereabouts, at least: we set off from the Chevreuse to the southwest of the city to avoid having to pick our way through traffic lights at the start.)

But this ride isn't going to be much like last year's. It's nearly twice as long. And this year there's no ferry crossing to punctuate the proceedings and provide a rest: it's straight through. Stopping to eat and drink and stretch and possibly contemplate what the hell we're doing, but not to sleep or rest up.

We pass through no fewer than eight départementes on our way to Brest, a daunting 560km of French countryside to cover from Friday morning, all through Friday night, and into Saturday afternoon. (How far is 560km? It'll roughly get you from London to Edinburgh.)

We're sort of looking forward to it...

The Riders

This year, we are two.

  • Stewart Pratt
  • Gavin Thomson

Stewart is the only one of last year's riders who was stupid enough to come back for more, and Gavin is the only person he could find who was stupid enough to give this year's challenge a go.

We're aided by Tim Cave, who's generously offered to man a support car, so at least we won't have to carry all the chocolate Hob-Nobs we're going to need to get through the night.